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A website devoted to creating beautiful oil paintings to last a lifetime in your home or office.  Some paintings are for sale on the gallery page, or alternatively you can commission a portrait of either animals or people. You can even supply your own photographs to be used as a reference.

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The Good Dog Guide

Movement and texture

Whether it is the gleaming  sun  shining on a horse's back in the summer sun, a long coat on a bearded Collie as it bounds along, caharacterful lines on a face or the curves of dancers inter-twined with their smooth skin lit by spotlights, it is a challenge to capture, but so rewarding.

Have a look at the various portfolio pages and see if you might like to buy or commission a painting.  A guide to the commission process and costs are on the pricing page. You can also see the process of a commission on the 'commission steps' page.

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